We're a challenger agency.

Built on a creative partnership that believes big ideas drive business growth. We bring a mix of traditional and digital advertising experience to organisations looking to get more bang for their buck.
Abnorml offers a range of services that extend from initial research and strategy, right through to creative development and production. We focus on the campaign as a whole and take a channel-neutral approach to our thinking.
Collaboration is key to our model. We’re an agile team that works directly with our clients delivering brilliant ideas in both B2C and B2B.

Simon McGrath

Simon has a passion for the big idea. His out-of-the-box thinking has translated into some memorable Australian campaigns for the likes of KFC, Panadol, LG, and Fire & Rescue NSW to name a few. When he’s not working on creating ads, he’s creating art and has won several Australian art prizes along the way.

simon@abnorml.com.au | 0422 944 662

Paul Barkley

Paul’s advertising background was born out of a love of direct marketing where the measurable value of one-to-one communication was celebrated. Creative at heart, a technologist by nature, Paul has a profound interest in tech and the way it continues to transform our lives.

paul@abnorml.com.au | 0402 082 082


Developing a core idea to explode across multiple touchpoints goes to the heart of what we do. We work within existing parameters or step outside the norm to deliver integrated ideas.


We're creatives that take strategy seriously. Sometimes clients have a BYO strategy already in place. If not, we can help define one through research. Either way, we're always adding strategic insights to every project.


More often than not, we're thinking of mobile first.We can deliver the best user experience by scaling up our digital ideas, not down. True tech ideas know no boundaries.


From digital to print and ambient to broadcast, partnering with the right people is the paramount to the success of a campaign. We're very particular about the end result and ensure that our vision is met.

Why we’re abnorml:

1 We're not a big agency – far from it. Working in large agencies has introduced us to some excellent marketers and creative people that when needed, help us deliver world-class campaigns.

2 We don't have an office and, we like it that way. We're connected by 200mbps most of our working hours. And you can drop in on us here if you want. We're more than happy to meet up and buy you coffee too.

3 We work with you. Collaboration is key to our model; we work directly with our clients. There are no unnecessary expenses, just an efficient team ready to get started on your business communications.

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